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Product Information - SWC100 Single Wire Broadband HF Antenna Systems

  •  As a true broadband antenna that has been designed for base station or semi portable use, the SWC-100 Series of Antennas covers the HF spectrum without the need of a tuner or coupler.inverted V small
  •  As with the majority of Bushcomm antennas the SWC-100 can be adapted to suit many different installations. It can be suspended pretty much between any between any two points - Horizontal, Sloper or Inverted Vee configurations 
  • Where space is limited, an inverted "V" installation is recommended.  At a mast height of 10m, the (SWC-100) setup will need a footprint of only 43m . For those who have space restrictions the shorter 34m long SWC-100S may be better suited.


Available in multiple Configurations:

  • SWC-100    2.0~30 Mhz, 125W PEP Voice, 48m Long - Brochure Here
  • SWC-100C  2.0~30 Mhz, 125W Continous Data/CW, 48m Long - Brochure Here
  • SWC-100S  3.5~30 Mhz, 125W PEP Voice, 34m Long - Brochure Here  Bushcomm SWC100 broadband HF Antenna
  • SWC-100CS  3.5~30Mhz, 125W Continous Data/CW, 34M Long - Brochure Here
  • SWC-100E  1.8~30Mhz, 125W PEP Voice, 60m Long - Brochure Here
  • SWC-100CE  1.8~30Mhz, 125W Continous Data/CW, 60m Long - Brochure Here
  • SWC-600S  3.5~30Mhz, 600W PEP, 34M long - Special Order - Contact Us
  • SWC-600  2.0~30Mhz, 600W PEP, 48M long - Special Order - Contact Us
  • SWC-600E  1.8~30Mhz, 600W PEP, 60M long - Special Order - Contact Us



  • Frequency Range:1.8-30Mhz  (SWC-100E/SWC-100CE)    2.0-30MHz  (SWC-100 / SWC-100C)     3.5-30Mhz (SWC-100S)
  • Input Impedance:50 Ohms
  • Power Input: 50 Watt AM/Data - 125 Watts PEP  (SWC-100 / SWC100S)     125W Continous Data - 200W PEP (SWC-100Cx)           
  • Input Connector: UHF-type socket


  • Shipping Weight: 2 kg Approx
  • Packing Box Dimensions: 350mm L x 240mm W x 60mm H
  • Antenna Length: 60m  (SWC-100E / SWC-100CE)   48m  (SWC-100 / SWC-100C)    34m  (SWC-100S / SWC-100CS)




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