Compact HF Antennas & Aerial Systems - Horizontal - Suits Small Space & Roof-Top Applications


HDX Series - Compact Auto-Tuned HF Dipole Antenna SystemsTDA-200 hf antenna

  • HDX-400K Compact 4 Element Horizontal Dipole HF Antenna Hardware Kit .  Suits most Couplers & Tuners
  • Accesory Adapter cable to suit Barrett 950/2050/4050
  • Accessory Adapter cable to suit Codan NGT/Envoy Radio
  • Accessory Adapter cable to suit generic HF Transceiver



Horizon Series - 2 element  HF Dipole Antenna System for building roof-tops and Small spaces.

  • 4:1 Balun in weatherproof housing  to suit inline coaxial style tuners

 TDA 200 hf antenna

 Compact Wideband Long Wire Antenna Systems



Earth Mat / Counterpoise / Ground Plane SystemsThree Wire Portable HF Aerial Ground Planeground mat ground plane   

        Suit Hi-Rise Buildings or Below Ground



Towers and Accessories









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We Have a Wide Range of HF / VHF Antennas
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