HDX-400 Auto-Tuned High Frequency (HF) Dipole Antenna System 

HDX 400 slider HF aerial

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  • Compact Design - Perfect for Applications where space is limited & Antenna Performance is Critical
  • Quick Deployment for Emergency Services & Military Applications
  • Rugged Design - All components are UV and Wind Rated for Fixed Base Stations
  • Designed and Assembled in Australia
  • Heavy Duty Housing and Mount
  • TX mode compatible with most 3~150W PEP HF Transceivers
  • Fast Tune technology: This Microprocessor Controlled System can store up to 150 channel algorithms in electronic RAM.  This means that after the initial set up, most channels will tune up in only milli-seconds!
  • Flexibility: All Transmit Tuner functions can generally operate independently to your radio. Requires only 12VDC & coax feed from transmitter to operate. 

Accessories & Options available:

  • 6 Metre Mast
  • Control Cables to suit Barrett 950/2050/4050 & Codan NGT/Envoy
  • Hardware Kit Form versions of the HDX Series Antennas are now also available - Supply your own Coupler or Tuner

HDX-400 Specifications:

Freq. Range: 3~30 Mhz.

Power Handling: 200W PEP SSB, 80W Contiuous (AM/CW/Broadcast)

DC Supply: 13VDC, at 2 Amps max. Typically 0.5A

Dimensions: 8 Metres (with Dipole Elements extended)

Weight: 10Kg (27 Kg with Optional Mast)

Coaxial Connector: UHF PL259

Control Connector: 4 Pin Molex - Adapter cables to suit other popular HF Transceivers available

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