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BBA-100 Series Antenna System
 Our flagship and all-round best performer is the Multi-Wire BBA Family of HF antennas.

 The Efficient Broadband Folded Dipole antenna design offers a flexible solution for both Commercial & Private HF System operators looking for Multiband & Multi-frequency HF operation.

 The BBA Series antennas also have full  compatibility with modern Digital Voice and modem data modes/protocols.

 When mated up with a quality Bushcomm Aluminium mast, the BBA antennas are adaptable enough to suit a wide range of installation configurations such as:

  • Horizontal  - Between two masts.
  • In an inverted "V" configuration for for improved short distance NVIS propagation characteristics
  • Sloper configuration (One end tied to tree etc) for temporary installations

 Light, yet sturdy construction ensures low total mass wind loading. Only the highest quality materials are used in construction, such as stainless steel wire and fittings along with UV resistant fibreglass rods. This produces an antenna that will survive the rigours of the outdoors for many years.

We have a comprehensive line of antennas to meet every combination of frequency range, power, impedance, and space requirements. 

For more information, download the BBA Series brochure.



Model Length  Power Max VSWR Freq Range
BBA-100V    27m 125W  PEP, 60W CW/Data 2:1 2.0 to 30MHz
BBA-100CS  20m 250W  PEP, 130W CW/Data 2:1 3.0 to 30MHz
BBA-100C  27m 250W  PEP, 130W CW/Data 2:1   2.0 to 30MHz
BBA-100CE  54m 250W  PEP, 130W CW/Data 2.5:1 1.6 to 30MHz**
BBA-600VS  20m 600W  PEP, 250W CW/Data 2:1 3.0 to 30MHz
BBA-600V  27m 600W  PEP, 250W CW/Data 2:1 2.0 to 30MHz
BBA-600VE  54m 600W  PEP, 250W CW/Data 2.5:1 1.6 to 30MHz**
BBA-1kD  27m 2.0kW PEP, 1kW CW/Data 2:1 2.0 to 30MHz
BBA-1kDE  54m 2.5kW PEP, 1kW CW/Data 2:1 1.6 to 30MHz**
BBA-1kCF  74m 2.5kW PEP, 1kW CW/Data 2.5:1 1.5 to 30MHz





 ** We Recommend the BBA-xxxCE where low frequency performance is required.


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